Discover the indicator

This indicator shows in real time the actual health status of a software version. It promotes supply chain transparency.

As a user, have you ever asked yourself one of these questions ?

  • How safe is this application/software version ?
  • How modern and up to date is it really ?
  • When or why should I update to a newer version ?

Respond in a glimpse

  • The software health indicator uses an easy and colorful scheme to quickly summarize this information in real time.
  • Our indicator promotes software providers who care about maintaining the software supply chain secure.
  • Search for vendor and software that promotes supply chain transparency (coming soon)

The five grades of software health


No known vulnerability issue with this version at this time. This might change, so keep an eye from time to time.

Example of grade A


This version presents minor security issues and requires attention. Plan for a software update in the coming months.

Example of grade B


This version presents security issues and requires action. Software is moderately obsolete. Prepare a software update as soon as possible.

Example of grade C


There is a major issue and you should immediately react. Stopping the software while seeking for an updated version or searching for an alternative product is highly recommended.

Example of grade D

End of life

The vendor has likely withdrawn the product from the market meaning you should plan for a replacement or stop using the solution.

Example of grade E

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