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This real-time indicator is a key asset to enhance the perceived value of your product.

How does it work ?

Registered software are analyzed continuously against different vulnerability databases. Based on the findings, we update the grade and color of the indicator in real time without requiring any further intervention from your side.

Whenever you release a new version of the software, you just have to send us your latest software bill of material which you can fully automate in your build pipeline. See how to generate a SBOM.

  • Grades are updated continuously
  • A clear and distinctive color allows to easily identify each grade
  • The indicator integrates easily on any website

The advantages

  • Increase software supply chain confidence
  • Show your engagement and commitments in this respect to your customers
  • Provide a supporting tool to drive version upgrades base on security risks
  • Become part of a growing community promoting responsible software providers


Annual subscription fee, excluding taxes: CHF 720.- / EUR 770.- / GBP 680.- / USD 800.-

Completely free for FOSS, contact us

Three easy steps to go

  1. Subscribe below / FOSS contact us for your free access
  2. Place the indicator html code snippet on your website and show the live indicator to your customers
  3. For each of your software release, send through our API the SBOM using the personal token you received with your subscription

Information and code snippets are available in our SDK & API documentation.

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You need to purchase a subscription for each platform that has a different build artifact as we need to track them independently.
'Cloud should be used solely when a single version exists at any given time. Otherwise use the underlying architecture (eg: Linux) it runs on.
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